We live in an age of images and sounds. Any company, to communicate internally or externally, uses the image in various ways mass media like television, cinema or the internet or on television circuits themselves and intranet. Offering you our services on film or video High-Definition, we propose to help you communicate better through films and videos, get your brand image abroad.

The Red Desert is an audiovisual production company that focuses its activities in the production of documentaries and fiction. Drawing on the experience gained over the years in long and short fiction films and documentary films offer new approaches in the production of promotional films.


Our main activities focuses primarily on the production of documentaries and fictions. We have had attendance and prizes in several national and international festivals. We are currently developing and producing various projects of fiction and documentary, short and feature film.

We note, with one or more cameras and editing complete statement or summary of an event of your company / institution. We complete and roofing professionals with or without simultaneous transmission.

We do videoclips to promote bands in various media outlets (internet, television, social networks, mobile phones).

Red Desert organizes and conducts programming, courses and thematic exhibitions of various genders (Film Noir, documentaries dedicated to specific areas, children's programming, author movies, as well as commercial cinema). Apart from programming cinema, also offers a very unique workshops dedicated at creatring content for the audivisual market. We also want to make a regular programming, focusing on quality of films (fiction and documentary) that rarely enter into the comercial circuits.

Communicate your vision, values and products with attractive and captivating images and sounds in a fast, simple and efficient way. Show the strength, structure and functioning of your company in a few minutes. The institutional film is an effective means to communicate adequately a given message, to an external public or to an internal audience, expressing and reinforcing the institutional image and values of your organization. Red Desert produces institutional films that become effective marketing instruments and that contribute to increase the notoriety of brands and businesses.

Often we want to show or illustrate what the general public does not normally see. The Making-off video may function as a production mean to register backstage working processes. it can be very useful to register or illustrate the stages of making a film, or to document and reveal a photographic production, a group discussion or mounting a show or exhibition, amongst many other events.

The "book trailer" is a new way to promote books, helping to increase sales and raise the interest of readers by the author and literary work. It is a valuable means of dissemination and promotion of literary increasingly used by publishers. It can be spread by movies, television and internet. The trailers of books work as movie trailers. It can be done in any format, from fiction to documentary.